Tree planting with the women of Victoria Mxenge

10 Oct 2014 - 08:45

Kelly Blair and Janith Wimaladasa with Patricia Matolengwe and members of the community

On Wednesday, 24 September members of the 2014 EBESC went to the Victoria Mxenge community, in Phillipi to plant a tree. The community was started by a group of women in 1991 who started a joint savings scheme and taught themselves every aspect of building to design and construct their  homes as they were sick of living in shacks. For little more than the cost of the very basic RDP home, the women can build three-bedroom homes of around 85 sq metres. So successful has the project been that they now advise other women’s groups around the world how to build homes.

 Bill and Hillary Clinton have visited Patricia Matolengwe and the ladies on a number of occasions, and the community is known as one of the most effective housing projects around the world.

“Meeting Patricia and the rest of the community from Victoria Mxenge was truly an inspiring experience.  We hope to develop a website for their community, and that the relationship between the EBESC and Victoria Mxenge will continue over the years,” said Kelly Blair, outgoing Chair for the 2014 EBESC.