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Committed to transformation

Members of the Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment believe they have a profound role to play in the future development trajectory of South Africa and the African continent, and accept the teaching, research and social responsibilities that accompany this role.

In this context, the faculty embraces transformation. We believe that transformation must be driven by a constant awareness that it is an instrument to increase excellence. To this end, through the actions of all its staff and students, the faculty commits to:

  • Defend the fundamental values of the university in determining who shall be taught, what shall be taught and who shall teach.
  • Support, promote and inform the unfolding transformation objectives of the university.
  • Ensure that the quality of our teaching and research in our various disciplines is of the highest standard nationally and internationally, and is recognised as such.
  • Ensure that our curricula and research activities contribute to national goals and to provide an infrastructure conducive to achieving these objectives.
  • Strive continually to achieve equity and excellence in our appointment of staff, as well as the recruitment of students, in line with our faculty targets.
  • Establish appropriate departmental and faculty mentoring programmes for staff, which encourage continuous development among all staff.
  • Strive to create a climate of mutual respect and trust among all staff and students in the faculty, which is vital for collegiality and open discussion.
  • Foster an open, caring, and supportive environment within our faculty.
  • Adopt a fair, transparent and professional approach in all matters relating to performance appraisal and management.
  • Have appropriate representation of all sectors of the faculty on our faculty and departmental committees.
  • Appreciate that diversity among staff and students enriches us all and to ensure that the various cultures, languages and traditions of our staff and students are fully respected.

The Faculty Transformation Forum, which represents all the members of the faculty, will monitor and review the faculty's progress towards achieving its transformation objectives. The forum will report directly to the Faculty Board where, if necessary, it will propose appropriate interventions to ensure that the commitments expressed in this charter are upheld.