Applying to EBE


Selection for postgraduate study is based on academic merit and working experience.

Before making a formal application for postgraduate study you are strongly advised to contact the Department for advice about your proposed studies. This is especially important for candidates interested in research since they must ensure that the Department has the facilities and the expert supervision that will be necessary.

Any new research postgraduate student has to be assigned to an academic staff member. It is helpful for the candidate and the Department to identify in advance any special conditions that may apply in the candidate's proposed area of study. The Department can also advise of any funding opportunities they may be aware of for postgraduate students.

It is essential that postgraduate students interested in taught masters programmes (i.e. masters programmes primarily by coursework) and postgraduate diplomas also contact the relevant departments so that they are fully aware of the structure of these programmes.

When to apply
For coursework-based programmes, applications open in April of each year for enrolment in the following year. If you are interested in applying for admission to one of these programmes, please consult the online application page to determine submission dates for applications, and what documentation is required. Many programmes have a limited number of places.

If you wish to apply for a PhD or for a Master's by dissertation you can apply any time during the year. However, we suggest that you have a discussion with the Head of Department or prospective supervisor prior to applying formally.


Application process

It is necessary to make a formal application for admission as a postgraduate.

You can apply online. You can also view additional information and download an application form here.


For more information send us a message, email the Admissions Office or phone 021 650 2128.