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Registration and orientation for first years

The Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment (EBE)  welcomes our new first-year students.


This year you will be experiencing campus a little differently. The 2021 orientation programme will be online and will start on 1 March 2021. All successful applicants will receive details on how to access the programme. There will be orientation leaders to assist you, and you will be introduced to your mentor.

Please note that all EBE students must be in Cape Town from the start of the first semester. Departments will be conducting low density, physically distanced, contact teaching. 

If you are unable to travel to Cape Town you can apply to have your offer rolled-over to 2022. You will need to send an email to Gita.Valodia@uct.ac.za.


All first-year students will be sent an email directing them to PeoplSoft where they will be able to register from 1 March.

First-year Reception

Message sent on 26 February to all first-years from the Registrar

All first-year students are invited to come to the first-year campus reception service offered in the Sports Centre on the upper campus. See the 1st year Reception Day and the Registration Guide

When: Sunday 28 February to Tuesday 2 March between 09:00 and 19:00 each day.  You must book a slot on the app in advance to avoid queues and delays. If you cannot get to the First-year Reception to collect your student card, information will be sent on how you will be able to access it after 2 March.

Download these important UCT apps: You will need these apps before and when you arrive, so please download them now, familiarise yourself with them and start using them when needed.

  • UCT Mobile app: Use to access various UCT information/services. Download from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. For more information on UCT Mobile, click here.
  • First-Year Campus Reception (FYCR) Booking app: Use to book your time slot for FYCR service or student card bookings. Either access via the UCT Mobile app Student Card tile or click direct link here.
  • UCT Daily Health Screening: Use for daily screening before accessing UCT Campus. This app runs in a browser on a mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer. You can access this app via the UCT COVID app – Daily Health Screening banner in UCT Mobile or click direct link here.

The First Year Reception will help you with:

1. Your first login to Peoplesoft in order to process the UCT registration declaration making you a UCT student (curriculum advice and course enrolment are offered later).   

2. Your student ID card.  This card will give you access to various buildings on campus (including your residence, the library, computer facilities and laboratories ), and will be needed for identification at tests and exams. There will be arrangements made for students who are unable to be on campus from 28 Feb to 2 March, to collect their student cards.  

3. The handover of laptops to students opting-in to the UCT laptop scheme.

4. Shuttle service to your allocated residence (for those students offered a residence place).

5 Health screening.


Virtual orientation

Orientation introduces you to the faculty and your departments and gives you an idea of what to expect during your first year.
You will meet the head of the department and the staff and get an idea of what will be expected of you during the year.

You will be introduced to the various support services on campus, as well as the different societies and sports clubs.

Take a 360 degree Virtual Tour of EBE!

This tour, produced by UCT's Alireza Moghayedi using the web-based platform Ocurus, is a self-guided tour of various sites around the EBE footprint. Much like the street view on Google Maps, you can enjoy a 360º view and navigate to the next stage when you are ready. Note that you can use your VR goggles or cardboard to have a better 360 tour experience. If you use a VR Ready phone or tablet, you can activate 'device orientation' from the settings icon on the top right corner of the screen.


International students


A comprehensive step-by-step guide for pre-registration is available online here.

Visit Before you arrive to see what you need to do before arriving at UCT.


The university residences for first-years will open on 27 February 2021.

Parents' Orientation

Parents Orientation will take place online on 12 March 2021. Information will be uploaded to the Orientation page


What must I do if I am going to be late?

Please note that the last day for late registration is 19 March 2021. If you are unable to register before then, you will need to email EBEReg@uct.ac.za and ask to have your application rolled over for 2022..

First day of lectures for first-year students

15 March 2021

We look forward to welcoming you as a student in our faculty!