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Memorandum of understanding

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between postgraduate student and supervisor

  • The intention behind the MOU is to clarify "up-front" the agreed roles and responsibilities of both candidate and supervisor, to ensure that the supervision experience is as mutually productive as possible.
  • The MOU must be completed by masters and doctoral candidates within six months of initial registration, or at the start of the dissertation/project in course-work masters degrees.
  • The Annual Progress Review, where relevant, must be completed each subsequent year, to be submitted not later than 15 October.
  • Final sign-off for masters candidates is the HoD, and for PhD candidates, the Dean/Dean's nominee.
  • Three copies of the MOU should be signed: one for the candidate, one for the supervisor; one for the HOD / the Faculty Office.

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Postgraduate Grievance Procedure


The relationship between supervisor and postgraduate student is an important one: if it is unsatisfactory it can significantly and negatively impact on the educational experience. If serious problems develop in this relationship, the student should normally:

  • Raise the matter with the supervisor and seek to resolve the matter personally.
  • If this does not resolve the matter, the problem should be referred to the Head of Department. If the supervisor is the Head, it should be referred directly to the Deputy-Dean charged with Postgraduate Affairs.
  • If the supervisor is the Dean or a Deputy Dean, the matter should be referred to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor with the research portfolio.