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EBE Postgraduate Student Council

The EBE Postgraduate Student Council is an annually elected body of postgraduate students whose responsibility is to represent, and communicate, the interests of EBE postgraduate students.

Members sit on a number of important committees within the Faculty, such as the Postgraduate Planning and Administration Committee and the Faculty Board, where the student voice needs representation. In addition to this, the council meets regularly with the Dean and senior management to discuss postgraduate studies and to bring to their notice any challenges the postgraduate students may be experiencing.

The Postgraduate Student Council also organises various social events and creates community outreach opportunities for postgraduate students.

 2018 EBE postgraduate student council members

Name Position Department
Bonolo Skee Chairperson skxkea001@myuct.ac.za
Avu Maake Vice-Chair avumaake@gmail.com
Reuben Dlamini Treasurer dlmreu001@myuct.ac.za
Prospect Motsi Secretary General mtspro002@myuct.ac.za
Thabo Mabuka Academics mbktha007@myuct.ac.za
Tariroyashe Marufu Corporate Liaison mrftar003@myuct.ac.za
Yandisa Sizamo International and part-time students Yandisa.Sizamo@vodacom.co.za
Lelia Lelia Marketing llxbok001@myuct.ac.za
Danielle Seeger Outreach and Social Responsiveness sgrdan002@myuct.ac.za
Zarmeen Ghoor Publications ghrzar001@myuct.ac.za
Alexandra Himunchul Events Coordinator hmnale003@myuct.ac.za