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EBE student in distress fund

The Student in Distress Fund was established in 2015 by the EBE Undergraduate Student Council (EBESC), to assist fellow students who were in dire need of financial assistance. There were students in the faculty who were sleeping in the labs, and had no money for food.

The 2015 EBESC went on a fundraising campaign and raised money from students and staff. In 2015, we were able to assist six students, and in 2016, 37 students and in 2017, 78 students with Pick ’n Pay vouchers (for food, toiletries, stationery and electricity), rent, and transport.  The fund will not supplement existing financial aid and does not have to be repaid. The number of students who can be supported will depend on the availability of funds. Each case will be looked at individually and assessed on how we can assist the student.

Nkululeko Dlamini was the first student who was assisted. He said, "I would like to thank you for all the support you have provided to make my dream a reality. I wouldn't have made it without your support."  Nlululeko graduated in December 2015 and iis now working for a renewable energy company. He said, "I know I can do anything because I managed to get my degree thanks to the amazing support from staff at UCT." His smile says it all!

Engineering graduand pays it forward

‘The journey you are travelling has been travelled before’

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Types of Emergency that may be covered

  • Essential academic expenses including books;
  • Temporary assistance with utilities, food and other essential household expense;
  • Tuition fees of no more than R6 000 for final year if necessary for graduation.

We want to support as many students as possible so please consider contributing.

For further information please contact:


Mary Hilton

Tel:      +27 21 650-4108

Email:  Mary Hilton

We have several convenient ways in which you can make your donation to the EBE Student in Distress Fund. Our online credit card system is safe and only takes a few minutes to complete.Your reference should be EBE SOS. 

You will get an 18A tax certificate.

Once a deposit or electronic payment has been made, please notify us by email at giving@uct.ac.za explaining what the donation is for.

If you live outside of South Africa and would like to make a donation, you can do so in the following countries: Canada, USA, UK and Australia. All donations to UCT are tax-deductable.

Donate to Student in Distress Fund

To make a generous tax-deductible donation to the fund, please deposit in the account below:

Banking Details for Donations

Bank name                         Standard Bank of South Africa Limited

Account name                   UCT Donations Account

Branch name                     Rondebosch

Branch code                       02 50 09

Account number              07 152 2387

Type of account                Current

Swift address                     SBZAZAJJ

REFERENCE                     EBE SOS