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Mentoring News

EBE Alumni Mentorship Programme

The EBE Alumni mentoring programme has been launched again this year for third year running. The programme provides students and alumni with a distinct opportunity to enter into a mutually satisfying, voluntary, one-on-one relationship, where the focus is on the student’s career and personal development.


The programme was initiated to afford EBE student peer mentors with an opportunity to develop themselves professionally and personally through engagement with an alumnus.

As mentors, alumni are able to share their experiences and expertise with the student on a one-to-one basis; give career advice, provide support, expose them to the realities of the industry and help build their community in the engineering field. It allows students to talk with engineers outside the University, who can provide an independent perspective on both engineering and UCT.

The Programme also seeks to offer alumni the opportunity to influence the career paths of students, thereby ensuring their success.

As communication is electronic, and limited to two email or skype contacts per month, engineers and architects outside of Cape Town are able to participate. There is no obligation to meet with the student or offer them any kind of employment. In order to ensure the success of the programme students will be required to sign a contract agreeing to engage in a professional relationship with their mentor until December 2016.

Mentoring is a great way to support and your alma mater as well as to nurture the growth of future engineers.



Andreas Elombo (Electrical Engineering, 2009), currently based in Namibia, is a returning mentor. He says of his experience mentoring Carla Wilby; “Indeed, it has been a great pleasure working with Carla Wilby. She is a very courageous and focused student, and our engagements have been enriching. I therefore have no reservations in continuing with serving as a mentor to Carla. I wish to applaud my alma mater for keeping this programme thriving. I can vividly reminisce to the memories of my time at UCT and very much appreciating the impact made by this programme.Thank you for contacting me”.





"Building a relationship with my mentor has been such a rewarding experience. I have been able to engage, and learn about engineering beyond university. He has provided advice and insight that has been beneficial in my daily life and in considerations for my future," Carla Wilby said.