Electrical Engineering celebrates academic excellence

12 Mar 2015 - 10:15

To celebrate their academic achievement, third and fourth year electrical engineering students on the 2014 Dean’s merit list, were invited to join staff from the Department of Electrical Engineering on a hike to visit an old radar station at Slangkop.


Third and final year students from the Department of Electrical Engineering seen at Slangkop with Professor Ed Boje and Mrs Kehinde Awodele

Professor Mike Inggs heads up the Radar Remote Sensing Group in the Department of Electrical Engineering and has been in the field of radar for the past 20 years.  Radar was a critical technology that allowed the Allies to win the Second World War and 75 years ago, South Africa was at the forefront of its early development. Prof Inggs gave a brief account of the history of South African radar and the role that a UCT professor, Basil Schonland, played in the development of radar. The students were given the opportunity to explore the various radar buildings before returning to the bus and visiting the old naval guns above Simonstown. At Neptune Grill, they were treated to a braai where they were able to engage freely with the HOD, Professor Ed Boje, and the academic staff.

Professor Boje said, “Of course, there is no such a thing as a free lunch (in real life or in mathematical optimisation). The outing was not only to celebrate achievements, but to encourage students to keep up the good performance and to think about postgraduate possibilities offered in the Department.”

Matthew Botha, a final-year student, said, “Getting up early on a Saturday morning for the radar outing, I wondered at my wisdom in accepting the invitation. However, being outdoors, listening to information regarding the beginnings of radar in South Africa, seeing the gigantic cannons above Simonstown, and hearing about the destroyers in the harbour, made it all worthwhile.”

Brandon Piner added, “Being able to spend time with lecturers outside of the university allowed us to ask them general questions. We were able to find out about the Master’s programmes that helped me to decide whether I want to do Master’s.  Nothing could top the delicious meal at the yacht club to end off the field trip.”