New Exam timetable

28 Oct 2015 - 11:30

A decision today on the examination timetable has been made at a Senate Executive meeting with chairs of faculty student councils and representation of the Academics Union.

 The examinations will be taking place from Tuesday 10 November to Friday 27 November 2015. The timetable will follow the same sequence as the final published timetable for examinations starting 27 October.

The detailed timetable can be found here

Undergraduate students, except those who have crit and practical examinations in Architecture (BAS), will be offered the choice to defer the entire set of November exams to new exams period from 11 January to 25 January 2016. Students will be able to do this using a PeopleSoft self-service function and will receive notice about this early next week.

The standard process for seeking deferment of individual exams will be available.

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