Balancing work, motherhood and studying

12 Dec 2019 - 13:15

Amanda Mtya, a full-time working mother with two young children, is graduating with her MPhil in Construction Management. The title of her thesis is ‘Evaluation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) adoption, capability and maturity within South African consulting and construction firms.’ Her supervisor was A/Prof Abimbola Windapo.

Amanda was hoping to graduate last year and was pushing to complete her degree before her second baby was due. However, the baby had other plans and came two months early, so Amanda had to put her studies on hold until she returned this year from her maternity leave.

Amanda had many challenges growing up. As a young girl, she moved around a lot and attended many different schools. She was determined to get a good education and in Grade 10 she was selected to join the Go for Gold programme, which is designed to help learners with maths and science from Grade 11 onwards. She passed her matric with distinction and Go for Gold placed her at NMC Construction company to help her make an informed career choice within the Engineering and the Built Environment sector.

In 2008, she registered at UCT for her BSc in Construction Studies, which she completed in 2010, and her BSc (Honours) in Construction Management in 2011. She went to work for industry before joining the CEM Department in 2017 as an nGAP lecturer.

Amanda is involved in community work and she tutors learners from different schools. She also visits schools as a motivational speaker and inspires the learners with her incredible story. In an article written by Thulani Magazi of City Vision, Amanda said, “Whether you’re in a township school or a rural school, you are beyond capable of achieving anything you dream of. Turn your misfortunes into motivation. Turn your limitations into innovation. Believe in yourself and invest time in your education.”

Amanda’s application for her PhD has been successful.