New MPhil in Global South urbanism
UCT’s African Centre for Cities (ACC) has launched a new master’s degree in urbanism that aims to tackle some of the most pressing urban crises of our time.
Decolonising Engineering
The South African Academy of Engineering invites all to attend our open lecture by Professor Mike Muller, former Director General of the Department of Water and Sanitation.
Landscape architects win top prizes
Stuart Kelly and Saudah Asmal were the winner and runner-up respectively of construction materials company Corobrik’s Most Innovative Final Year Landscape Architecture Award.
Alumni advance excellence
Ten recent graduates from UCT’s Department of Chemical Engineering will be completing their master’s degrees abroad, with the bulk of students attending the University of Cambridge in the UK.


Friday, 22 September 2017
Pro-poor Legal Practice book

Leslie Downie BA LLB Hons (English) MPhil (Geomatics) achieved her MPhil in the EBE faculty in 2015, with distinction.  The thesis was supervised by Jenny Whittal in the Geomatics Division and Amanda Barratt in the Law Faculty.  Leslie recently converted the material into a textbook published by Juta, entitled Pro-Poor Legal Practice:  Household Rights and Subsidised Housing in South Africa.  The book develops a methodology for adding legal weight to informal land agreements and various universities are currently discussing its potential for use in transformed curricula.

Publication Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 08:30