Building on Success

17 Nov 2010 - 13:15

The Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment is well known for producing high-quality engineering and built environment professionals. The Faculty continues to attract top quality students from around the world with international students constituting 20% of the overall student composition.

To address the challenges we face, our world requires a new kind of engineer. Global economic forces, rapid innovation in technology and new approaches to problem-solving are moving engineering into directions that we could not have contemplated ten years ago. New challenges need new ways of thinking. By 2020 engineers will need to know how to master increasingly challenging technical information and techniques in order to be able to tackle complex social, economic and environmental problems. They will need to know how to collaborate with multi-disciplinary group of experts, and will have to be highly attuned to the social impacts of their ideas and production.

Producing this new breed of engineer requires a forward-looking curriculum, high-tech laboratories, classrooms and equipment. A successful capital campaign will deliver this to our students and enable them to respond to the needs of our society. With strong financial support the Faculty will continue to produce young leaders whose exceptional capabilities, broad perspectives and high ethical standards will define how we live in the world.

We invite you to become a partner in our Building on Success campaign.