19 Apr 2013 - 10:30

greenbuildingEastgate20 achieved a 4 Star Green Star Rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa

Eastgate 20 is a refurbished building located in Sandton, Johannesburg, that was awarded the Second Place for Best Quality Green Star Submission in October 2012.

Rebecca Vaughan, currently a Masters of City and Regional Planning student at UCT, was the project manager for the final phase of the Eastgate 20 Green Star submission while working at PJCarew Consulting. The building has achieved a 4 Star Green Star Rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa.

The Eastgate 20 Building has an overall environmental strategy which encompasses transport, health, energy, water and waste. Through various strategies, the building is targeting to reduce its energy consumption by 39%, its water consumption by 30% and its waste production by 70% when compared to an average Johannesburg office block of the same size. The building also has water and energy metering systems to ensure that the consumption reductions are maintained throughout the life of the building.

Other energy reduction strategies included maximising good natural daylight for the offices areas, encouraging the use of public transport and providing facilities for non-motorised transport.

Eastgate 20 also provides its occupants with the benefit of user control with adjustable blinds, openable windows and lighting and HVAC zoning. With these strategies, the Eastgate 20 Building has been designed to provide a comfortable, healthy and productive working environment for its occupants while reducing its impact on the environment.