UCT Startup for Students by Students

29 May 2018 - 11:45

 Tamir Shklaz, a third-year electrical and computer engineering student at UCT, is one of four founders of a start-up web-based app called Quillo. Being aware of the financial burden of buying new textbooks, and the time-consuming activity of walking around campus to find the right second-hand textbooks, they put their expertise together and created an app for buying and selling second-hand textbooks.

Shklaz said, “Quillo is a platform that connects buyers and sellers of second-hand university textbooks - think gumtree for textbooks. We launched this February and with over 2000 downloads and 500+ textbooks sold through the app, we are looking to grow across South Africa come July.” He added that Quillo’s number one priority is to help students by saving them time and money by ensuring easy and affordable access to second-hand textbooks.

Tamir Shklaz and Tristan Brandt at the GSB's Solution Space

 The initial release was a learning experience for the Quillo team. A transition phase began which saw the departure of Shklaz’ s co-founders and Tristan Brandt joining the team. Shklaz and Brandt have been hard at work finishing Quillo v2 which will feature a more intuitive interface, improved search functions and the ability to facilitate a sale/purchase without ever having to meet the other party.

Visit  https://quillo.io/ to find or sell a textbook .