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Registration Programme 2021


Registration for returning EBE undergraduate students will be online from 15 February.

Students will have until 12 March to register.

Students will receive an email which will direct them to PeopleSoft Self Service to complete their registration.

Please note that all EBE students must be in Cape Town from the start of the first semester. Departments will be conducting low density, physically distanced, contact teaching. For a professional EBE degree, some level of contact is needed to develop and assess critical professional competencies, which is not possible online. The assessment of these competencies is critical to retaining professional accreditation.

  • The EBE departments will be using their labs and “Home Room” option to bring all their students to campus in a coordinated manner for specific face-to-face tutorial, workshop and lab work.
  • Lectures and relevant learning materials will be made available online through the Vula platform. Students won’t be on campus every day, but the timetable of activities drawn up by each department (to COVID requirements) will ensure that students get a meaningful experience when on campus so as to justify them being in Cape Town this semester.
  • Tests and Exams will be written live in suitable venues.

In EBE  these contact sessions also provide three critical functions:

  1. Development of most of the professional graduate attributes that cannot be learned or assessed remotely as demonstrated by ERT in 2020 (eg teamwork, design, experimental work).
  2. Providing immediate feedback and assistance with complex conceptual problems in tutorials and complex open-ended problems in projects.
  3. Cohort building which is central to peer learning and teamwork. This is even more critical for first- and second-year students, many of whom do not know other members of the class and therefore have no peer support to draw on.

If you are unable to return to Cape Town, the options are:

  1. Complete studies at a local university
  2. Complete studies at a fully online university 
  3. Apply to return to UCT to complete when able to.
  4. Senate may grant leave of absence to students for a specified period usually to the end of the semester or end of the year. (Reasons for granting leave of absence are illness, compassion, maternity leave and external study opportunity other than a formal exchange.)