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Returning Students - Registration 2022

EBE Undergraduate Students

Important changes to how and when registration will happen in 2022.

Although Senate has adopted a policy of campus-based contact in 2022, for most students registration will be done online.  

Students will be required to register online using the Peoplesoft system. 

Please note that different cohorts of students will be using different ways to register remotely so it is quite possible that some of your friends may register differently. 

A detailed notification will be sent in January of how to register using PeopleSoft.  Please follow the instructions you are sent for your programme.

Technical Support during registration

Should you require any technical support during the Registration process, our friendly Student System Support advisors will be available from 10 January 2022. Our contact centre will operate extended hours and help guide you through any technical challenges you might experience. You can phone or email us for assistance. Our contact information will be published on Vula and in the Registration Activity Guide that will be assigned to you.

Registration Dates

  • Find details of your registration window at  EBE_Registration_2022
  • The results for the 2021 academic year will be released on the system on 22 December 2021.
  • Results for students who have supplementary, deferred and summer term exams in January, will be released on 28 January 2022.
  • Students who did not meet the readmission rules for their programme in 2021, will be informed on 22/23 December 2021 of the need to appeal for readmission to the RAC, this email from the Student Records Office will be sent to all RENN and SUPP coded students, even if there is a fee block preventing the release of the results.  All appeals for readmission must be submitted by 3 January 2022
  • Do not wait until you return to Cape Town before you registerIt is important that you register in the window allocated for your programme.   
  • All returners must be registered by the end of 11 February 2022.  
  • Lectures start on Monday 14 February 2022.
  • Students who register late may face a late registration penalty of R2000.00. 
  • The international clearance (i.e., visa, medical aid and fee checks) will also be done remotely. Students are thus not required to be on campus to register but will register remotely well before they return to campus. Please do not delay this process; ensure that it is completed prior to your registration date. For more information visit the IAPO Student Support Website: http://www.iapo.uct.ac.za/before-you-arrive

Students with outstanding fees

Please note that SA students can register before making the initial payment. All international students must make payment before registration. 

For further fee-related information, refer to Fees-UCT Students 2022

Contact: EBE Faculty Office