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Why choose EBE


Top university in Africa

Your EBE degree is internationally accredited, so your skills will be transferable anywhere in the world.

You gain excellent skills suitable for a range of careers

You will be globally relevant and sought after

You will be ready for any problem having developed universal problem solving abilities

You will make a difference - EBE graduates can address real-world problems.

You get the chance to improve the world.

Each department has teaching staff who are experts in their fields and are active researchers.

UCT has a large number of engineering research-rated academics.

The faculty has strong links with industry and government, which commission and fund significant research projects.

Our commitment to teaching and research excellence is matched by our commitment to addressing social challenges through various research interests.

The faculty has an illustrious legacy, with many of its alumni occupying powerful positions in the engineering and built environment industry, as well as the business world and politics.

A variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are offered in all departments, giving students the freedom to choose the stream appropriate to their skills and interests.