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Women in Engineering

“Only 11% of all engineers globally are female,” shares Naadiya Moosajee, co-founder of WomEng, a South African social enterprise now operating in 13 countries. “Engineers design our world and our society, and if we don’t have women at the design table, we exclude 50% of the population.”


2019 Women in Engineering Workshop - Empowering Women to Realise the Sustainable Development Goals

2019 Women in EBE (staff and students) Report

Women in Engineering video

We are constantly inspired by the incredible work that our women are doing in Engineering at UCT and it is a delight to celebrate them during women’s month (August in South Africa).



Women in civil engineering

For the second year in a row, women have taken most of the top spots in the final-year civil engineering class.

Women take top spots in civil engineering