Improving spatial and visual thinking skills

6 Feb 2020 - 08:45

Professionals were also able to register for individual courses and gain CPD points. Besides doing the courses for bridging purposes or to obtain CPD points, anyone who wishes to improve their spatial and visual thinking skills can register. One student who completed the Introduction to Spatial Design course is using it to build his portfolio for application into an architecture programme.

The students came from a wide range of backgrounds such as engineering, geography, environmental and geographical science, BTech in Landscape Architecture, and fine art. The three courses offered were Introduction to Design Computing, Drawing for Design, and Introduction to Spatial design. These courses introduced the students to a typical built environment design studio and its thinking, while developing core skills for built environment disciplines such as landscape architecture and urban design.

At the end of the course, students designed and prepared a formal exhibition of the week’s products. The students attending said it had been challenging but exciting.