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Frequently Asked Questions - Construction & Property Studies

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  • Are certain subjects in high school needed to do a BSC in property studies? 

    Maths is a requirement for entrance.  For information on our entrance requirements go to our website



  • Is it possible to do a bridging course in maths once you are already in the system?

    Maths is a requirement for entrance.  You can find the entrance requirements on our website

  • Is the NBT a mandatory requirement for applying for admission in 2022?

    The NBT is not required for EBE programmes of study for 2022, but if you are applying for a first or second choice in another faculty, you will be required to do the NBT to meet their admissions criteria

  • For an international student with a Diploma in Civil Engineering, what is the minimum requirement for admission?

    Students will be assessed through the application process, please upload all your tertiary results with your application

  • Is it possible to apply with mathematical literacy marks in order to get into property studies?

    We require Maths pure and unfortunately do not consider maths literacy.

  • When is the last day for applications?

    31 August 2021

  • Where can I find the information for acquiring a scholarship for a BSc in Property Studies?

    Look at our Funding your Studies page and explore your options.

  • Do you focus more on grade11 marks or term 1 grade 12 marks?

     Conditional offers can be made on receipt of exceptional grade 11 results. A firm offer will be made on the final school-leaving results.

  • How many students are accepted into the programmes? 

    A target of 60-65 students per degree programme

  •  Is it still advised to go into Property Studies considering the poor property value growth in South Africa?

    The market is cyclical - so it is best to take a long term view. Over the long term, the property sector shows growth and provides opportunity. The degree is also recognised internationally.