ACC Senior Researcher honoured with the 2017 Premio Daniel Carasso

23 May 2017 - 08:45

African Centre for Cities Senior Researcher, Dr Jane Battersby was honoured as the 2017 laureate of the Premio Daniel Carasso at a ceremony in Valencia, Spain on 18 May. The international prize, first presented in 2012 by the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation is awarded every two years in recognition of outstanding scientific research into and social commitment to sustainable food systems and diets for long-term health. Jane was selected as the laureate by a jury of experts from among 40 candidates from 25 countries.

According to the Jury: “Her work on feeding poor populations in urban areas in southern cities undergoing rapid growth is extremely relevant. Strong urban growth will be a major issue in the next few decades. On the global level, our ability to feed urban populations could either be a vector for stability or a destabilising force. Jane Battersby tackles these fundamental questions from the perspectives of social justice, governance, education, fairness and gender equality”.

Her commitment to local actors is remarkable and contributes to the quality, credibility and impact of her academic work, which is considered excellent, was also highlighted.

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