Best poster prize at EBE Research Expo for CPU

24 Aug 2017 - 15:30

At the 4th annual EBE Research Expo, Cledwyn Mangunda, a PhD candidate in the Crystallisation and Precipitation Unit received the best poster prize in the Chemical Engineering category. Posters were judged on their approach and content, the significance of the research, audience consistency, aesthetic and wow factor. Cledwyn was also judged on his presentation, his knowledge of the topic and how he answered the questions.

The poster was titled An Investigation Into: The Precipitation of Fe(Iii) Oxyhydroxides in Lime Neutralization Processes. His introduction says AMD and metallurgical waste streams have a high acidic ferric sulphate content with negative environmental impacts if discharged into natural waterways. Neutralisation of acidity with lime and concomitant precipitation of Fe(III) oxyhydroxides [FeO(OH)] enables removal of metal cations from waste streams but poses challenges of reintroducing them as leachate from landfills.