Developing the next generation of leaders in the mining sector

5 Feb 2020 - 16:15

Participants and presenters of LEAD 2020 with Professor Phakeng, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Town

Twenty-two emerging leaders from the mining sector from 17 countries across Africa, attended the second LEAD programme (Leaders in Extractives and African Development) at the University of Cape Town. The first week was held on the university’s campus. It comprised a full programme of immersive learning on core topics such as The Implications of the Changing Global Context for the Extractive Sector in Africa, Implementing the African Mining Vision, and Leadership Development and Leadership Practice, with many more. The programme aims to equip the next generation of leaders in the mining sector with the skills required.  The participants are early-career professionals who are working or engaging with the mining sector, equipping them with the leadership skills that will allow them to catalyse sustainable development across Africa.

Thanks to the Mining Indaba support, the participants can attend the Indaba, which gives them a unique opportunity to interact with the mining industry, CEOs, ministers, advisors and thought leaders. It also provides a range of practical opportunities to test and challenge some of the concepts presented in the first week.

The Minerals to Metals group in the Department of Chemical Engineering host the LEAD programme. UCT Adjunct Professor, and programme director, Caroline Digby said, “We are very grateful for the support we have received from the Mining Indaba, Anglo American, German Development Cooperation, and the Sustainable Minerals Institute”

One of the participants from last year said, “I feel I have been challenged a lot about leadership and how I can influence change that will reflect in the lives of the people, especially those that I am in direct contact within my line of work.”