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Tuesday, 2 September 2014
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Domenico Cirillo, a third year student at UCT’s School of Architecture, Planning & Geomatics, recently won 1st prize in the prestigious annual Murray & Roberts Des Baker Architecture Student Competition. This is the longest running national competition for architecture students and it is a highly regarded award, which forms part of the annual Architectural student congress, and this year it also formed part of the international UIA 2014 conference in Durban, KZN.

It's an intimidating subject to get your head around if you're not an engineer or a mathematician, but computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is creating a new revolution in engineering and technological development that will have a large impact on our lives – and space travel – in the near-future.

Professor Genevieve Langdon from the Department of Mechanical Engineering was the first runner-up for the title of Distinguished Young Woman Scientist in Physical and Engineering Sciences.

Each year, the Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment, under the leadership of the Dean, Professor Francis Petersen, organise an HIV testing campaign. The undergraduate and postgraduate student councils support the campaign by actively encouraging students to live positively and know their status.