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Academic development

Academic development in the faculty is aimed at improving the learning environment for students at all levels. There is a programme specifically designed to support first-year Engineering and Geomatics students who come from previously disadvantaged population groups. This is because the university recognises that students who have not had the advantages of a good preparation in primary and secondary education are likely to find the demands of university extremely challenging.

The Academic Support Programme for  Engineering in Cape Town (ASPECT) was founded in 1988. In this programme the normal four-year curriculum is spread over five years, but the courses ASPECT students take are the same as those taken by students in the traditional four-year programmes. Academic support is given mainly in the form of collaborative workshops and tutorials. In addition, students attend lectures by dedicated ASPECT staff, and have easy access to assistance from these staff. They write weekly tests which help them to assess their progress as they advance through the year.

In addition to the standard science and engineering courses, all first-year ASPECT students take an Introduction to communication course which teaches them a variety of ways of communicating information. Emphasis is placed on relevant and topical projects and on using multi-media platforms to obtain and present information.

ASPECT provides a friendly and supportive environment in which students can develop their skills and abilities. The staff get to know the students really well, and are available to assist them with any personal, social or administrative problems, as well as their academic progress.

After a successful first year, ASPECT students join the department of their choice. All our students continue to be supported by our staff for their entire time in the EBE faculty.

For more information contact the ASPECT office on 021 650 3238 or email Linda Nkomo.