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Academic Support Programme for Engineering in Cape Town (ASPECT)

This programme is designed for students who obtained the National Senior Certificate endorsed for degree studies or a Senior Certificate with matriculation exemption from schools that have not prepared them adequately for tertiary study.

The Programme provides a supportive environment that is sensitive to students' academic, social and emotional needs. The curriculum is planned so that the degree should take five years to complete.

In the first year, students register for three full credit-bearing courses all counting towards the degree. These are:
•    Mathematics I
•    Physics I or Chemistry I
•    Engineering I

These are the same courses that are taken by students registered for the four-year degree. The mathematics course is taught by staff in ASPECT. Physics lectures are conducted by ASPECT staff, while the laboratory sessions are offered by the physics department. Chemistry is taught in the Chemistry department with an extra afternoon workshop run by an ASPECT staff member. Students also take an Introduction to Communication course, run by ASPECT staff.

Students who continue with engineering at UCT will complete, in their second year, the remaining first year courses, one major second year course, namely the Mathematics course for engineers, and up to two courses from the second year engineering curriculum. ASPECT will provide additional tutorial and non-academic support during this year.

In the third year, students complete the remaining second year courses together with appropriate courses from the third year curriculum, while ASPECT continues to provide non-academic support and counselling. ASPECT staff will monitor and advise students while they complete the remaining degree requirements.

ASPECT curriculum

Number    Course    Credits
First year 
END1008Z     Introduction to Communication    8
END 1020F    Mathematics 1A for Engineers    18
END 1021S    Mathematics 1B for Engineers    18
PHY1014F     Engineering Physics A               18
PHY1015S     Engineering Physics A               18
CEM1000W   Chemistry 1000 (for Chemical Engineering)    36
CIV1005W    Engineering I (Civil)    24
EEE1005W    Engineering I (Electrical)    24
MEC1005W    Engineering I (Mechanical)    24

The Engineering I course to be selected will depend on the engineering discipline that the student chooses.